Multi-Platform Personas

Photo credit: Talia’s Tidbits

If you’ve been reading Talia’s Tidbits from the very beginning, this might seem like a strange time for me to introduce myself. Maybe you feel like you’ve gotten to know me because I told you all about my hamster and the website I made for him, but I think it’s time that I intentionally introduce myself via my revised “About me” pages. For my remediation project, I’ve changed the “About me” for Talia’s Tidbits, designed a “Q & A” that serves as an About page for the Shelf Scout blog, and created a bio for the Shelf Scout Instagram and Twitter accounts. Check them out:

Talia’s Tidbits:

Most of us have tidbits of ourselves spread out all over the internet, from Instagram accounts to blogs (and everything in between). Talia’s Tidbits is here to explore digital presence and promote intentional online activity. Let’s navigate this crazy, wonderful internet world together.

Want to see this exploration in action? Check out my latest project Shelf Scout to get ideas about how to intentionally create a cohesive online presence across platforms. If you’re a bookworm, this project’s for you!

Shelf Scout blog:

What can Shelf Scout offer that larger-scale book recommendation websites cannot?

While larger-scale book recommendation websites are wonderfully detailed, we find that their databases can often be overwhelming. You have to log on with a very clear idea of what kind of book you want to read or you’ll end up lost amidst thousands of titles. Shelf Scout is intended to guide those who want to build their literary repertoire, but don’t know just quite where to begin.

Check out this cool little feature to learn more.

Does Shelf Scout post the same things on all its social media platforms?

Ick, that would be so boring! Shelf Scout has different social media accounts so that we can take advantage of the neat tools each one offers, but we take special care not to be redundant. When we recommend a new book, each platform will add something unique to the discussion: our Instagram shares original photography, our blog articulates the book selections, and our Twitter gives you a chance to take polls and interact with us more.

How are the Shelf Scout blogs structured?

Every book recommendation on our blog is structured the same:

Title and author
Why we love it
Favorite quote from the book
Citation (we’re conscientious recommenders!)

We keep it simple enough to not exhaust your eyes, but thoughtful enough to create intrigue.

Shelf Scout Instagram Bio:

Should I add emojis to the Instagram bio, or do you prefer the simple, clean look? Let me know in the comments!

Shelf Scout Twitter Bio:


Like a crab (pictured above by yours truly), I can thrive in multiple modes of existences–land and water, paper and online.


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