Final Website Introduction, Theoretical Analysis and Reflection

Photo credit: Talia’s Tidbits

In defense of my final project (that sounds so formal, doesn’t it?), I’m referring all the way back to Jay David Bolter’s “Writing for Technology” chapter of Writing Space: Computers, Hypertext, and the Remediation of Print: “The linear character of print is the outcome of the constant interaction between the properties of the printed book and the decisions that Western authors and readers have made about how to exploit those properties” (21). Although I would probably refute the word “exploitation” because of the negative connotation, I feel like Bolter’s words really hone in on the work that I am doing with Shelf Scout: Literacy Project. I have combined the elements of more traditional printed text (the Word document downloadable activities) with the less-linear technological text (vertical text and images). I actually referred back to this quote frequently in the formation of my Instagram project, so using it again makes the whole thing feel like it has come full circle.

I also found that Krista Tippett’s On Being podcast episode entitled “Tech’s Moral Reckoning” resonated with me. Guest speaker Anil Dash says, “We bake our values into the choices we make when we design these tools.” I am creating my website because I value fun and creativity in higher education, so this is something that I consciously have to weave into every decision: text, color scheme, activities, images, etc. While my website is just as creative and fun (I hope) as the Shelf Scout Instagram, I would venture to say that it does much more than the Instagram project in terms of Transmedia engagement. The two projects are linked–literally and theoretically–but the website gives people the opportunity to interact with the content more fully, as they are encouraged to develop and modify activities to their needs and likings. It will be exciting to see if anyone uses the activities and provides feedback on how they engaged with the downloadables to make them their own.

Check out Shelf Scout: Literacy Project here!


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