Photo credit: Talia’s Tidbits

Most of us have tidbits of ourselves spread out all over the internet, from Instagram accounts to blogs (and everything in between). Talia’s Tidbits is here to explore digital presence and promote intentional online activity. Let’s navigate this crazy, wonderful internet world together.

I might not be the most tech-savvy person around, but my experience as an avid reader and a supplemental student instructor have given me two things that I can claim to have some expertise in: reading and educational methods. As you explore my blogs, you’ll see that some of my projects have been about gaining experience in the areas I’m not too great in (i.e., digital composition), while some of my projects are about honing in on those areas that I feel confident in (i.e,. books and teaching) and blending them with digital media.

My project Shelf Scout is all about intentionally creating an online presence that is cohesive across platforms. Shelf Scout has now expanded into my latest project: Shelf Scout Literacy Project. While Shelf Scout focuses on catering to self-motivated readers, Shelf Scout Literacy Project is focused on creating better readers in order to create better writers. These projects are linked, making it easy to cross the bridge from developing skills to self-motivated reading.