So, here I am in ENG 375

Photo credit: Talia’s Tidbits

And, just like that, I – a person with a negligible online presence – find myself in a Composing New Media class. My overall desire for privacy (particularly where the internet is concerned) has led me to avoid exactly what I’m doing right now: baring all for… well, who knows. New Media is a constantly evolving technological experience, but it always shares a commonality in its purpose to communicate messages across geographical boundaries. I’m expecting to be uncomfortable at first; that comes with the territory of trying something totally new. Beyond that discomfort, my expectations and goals are such:

  1. Explore how rhetoric has evolved to its current place on social media
  2. Explore the role that visual elements play in online rhetoric
  3. Explore the factors that make or break online branding endeavors
  4. Experiment with multiple media platforms and become technologically fluent in their structures and purposes
  5. Improve my “on demand” creativity

Digital Presences:

Talia’s Channel | YouTube | Talia Salido | Jan. 2017

  • Contribute rarely
  • Watch videos infrequently

Talia Salido’s Page | Facebook | Talia Salido | Dec. 2014

  • Contribute infrequently
  • Read posts every other day

Talia | Twitter | @taliasalido | May 2013

  • Contibute weekly
  • Read posts daily

Talia | Snapchat | @tatamadison | May 2013

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  • Look at posts daily

Talia Salido | Instagram | @taliasalido | Sept. 2012

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  • Look at posts daily

Talia Salido | Pinterest | @taliamadison | Sept. 2012

  • Never contribute
  • Look at posts monthly

(Some dates are best estimates — don’t hold my memory against me!)